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Private Equity and Why it is a Drain on the American Economy

Posted by ProudlyProgressive on May 15, 2012

Private Equity and Why it is a Drain on the American Economy

In this highly educational video, Robert Reich clearly explains why ‘Private Equity’ is a drain on the American economy and taxpayers, especially the 99%.  Believing, as I do, that certain types of Capitalism should be regulated or even made illegal does not mean that I am a Socialist it means that there should be a cop on every beat including the financial sector.  There are many ways to practice Capitalism, and we do not have to accept a brutal socially Darwinian version of Capitalism promulgated by the Vulture Capitalists found in the morally murky private equity markets. To watch the video and share it far and wide click here.   


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Student Debt Debacle

Posted by ProudlyProgressive on May 1, 2012

According to the new DailyKos/SEIU poll a majority of Americans and more importantly a majority of Independents believe President Obama will do more than Romney to keep interest rates low on student loans. See the poll results here.  Naturally, I agree with the poll, but am increasingly frustrated with the conversation swirling around student loan debt.  The real problem is the skyrocketing costs of higher education and the media and political focus on 3.4% differential in interest rates is a distraction from the real problem! Historically low levels of taxation of the 1% and businesses is precisely why there is no money to invest in higher education, not to mention public safety or the social safety net.  Americans need to stop being distracted by the effects of the problem and get to the heart of the problem….skyrocketing costs of higher education.

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